I Love Torah, Sons of Noah


 Reb Moshe of Tzfat, Israel, has been leading Jews all over the world in keeping a Jewish Torah lifestyle for decades. Over this time, he has developed a following of sons of Noah. Sons of Noah usually fit into two categories.  

  1. Non-Jews who either have a father or grandparent who is Jewish but are not Jewish themselves since their mother was not born Jewish
  2. Non-Jews who believe in ONE G-D with no biological connection to Judaism


If you fit into either of these categories, you are a perfect candidate for a Bnei Noach. The Torah teaches us that those who are not Jewish are required to keep the 7 laws of Noah. By keeping these, they will receive the World to Come.  

Not only is it commendable to keep these laws due to their holiness but they are life changing experience. They help better ones character and bring about the Tikkun Haolom, the rectification of the world.