Your Not Jewish & that is okay.

The Rabbis teach us that if someone comes to us to convert, we don’t push them and encourage them.  They have to really show us they want it on their own. Unlike other religions, we look to promote Hashem’s Oneness but don’t seek out to make Jewish converts. Especially since we have the 7 laws of Noach to teach everyone, which is not only fulfilling but something quite wonderful.

As a teacher, my difficulty lies in breaking the bad news to people who claim their Jewishness by only their fathers side or rummers.  According to Jewish law, this just doesn’t hold any water and it breaks peoples hearts to hear this. Probably because for years of their life they felt Jewish and started to practice a little. When I inform them of being a Bnei Noach, they push it away immediately because they really don’t know anything about it. I sometimes also loose a friend.

My question to all of my holy Bnei Noach friends is, how do I mend such a broken heart? They have no interest in converting because it angers them now and many times hold onto this false claim for years. It turns into a hatetred and an unhealthy prospective of Torah fearing Jews.

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Believing in You, I Yes I

It could be that the most important job of a Reb is to show a person that you believe in them. In fact, this may be the greatest thing one can do for ones children or friends. Every person has a special talent and spark in which they can not only grow from but can actually change the world with.

Maybe there is nothing worse in the world then a talented person who is constricted not sharing of it to the world. Someone once came to me and said it is a sin that you don’t do photography anymore. They practically commanded me to repent for this. I laughed at them. It isn’t that a person has to utilize their talent in its most revealed sense, but that there could be a thousand ways to share it. For instance, I used my photographic talent and channeled into web design for my Torah sites and creating scenic Torah videos. Someone with a musical talent, perhaps never has to actually play their instrument. Musical people are spiritual people and they could instead use their personality to simply inspire others. I know many artists that later put down their paintbrush and changed it over into a kulmas (traditional turkey feathers) for writing sifrai Torahs. It could be that understanding the source of your talent is more important then the beauty of the talent itself and its outward rewards. Inside is a great person in both you and me. We are great because we are unique and different then the person next to us.

People think in orthodoxy that we crush the uniqueness of individuals. Well just because we are a little color blind with our black and white tones, doesn’t mean that our shades of gray lack personality. Just like you wish us to be deeper, we wish you too look deeper. I wish all of you too look at the person next to you, especially your children and see their gift. Like the freckles on my son Yaakovs cheeks, they each have a story to tell.

My holy friends, I believe in you. There are some of you whom have such holy talents that they are too high to share with the rest of the world. Some of you have visions, some holy dreams and other greatness. I believe in you in these area as well. Even if the world is dark for you right now, here is a little light…

Groups and groups

As much as we all want a unified Noahide structure in place. I foresee that it is still best there are many groups, though of course under proper direction. You see, when there are different structures, it allows for the seeking of more truthfulness. More searching and seeking Hashem. If Bnei Noah had it easy and all laid out before them, it wouldn’t be as meaningful as the benefits of the search itself. Sometimes, it is the yearning and wondering that truly quenches the thirst more then the goal itself.

I know that I don’t agree with everything I see with Noahide leadership and you know what, that is okay. It is part of human nature that there should be different parallel paths seeking the same reward. Let us just hope that the pure intentions should never lead anyone astray going against halacha, Jewish law because of pride and the like. I think those most happy in Bnei Noach are those who keep their practice rather simple then complicating it. 7 laws, 7 lights, 1 Hashem.

An Honest Post

I have been involved in teaching about the 7 laws of Noach for over 12 years. My father before me also spoke out to non-Jews about these laws. I’m disappionted that people are not speaking out more to their fellow Noachs against learning Torah which does not apply to them. Non_Jews are not supposed to learn Torah as a Jew does. If this is their true interest, then they should consider conversion to Judaism and keeping all 613 laws. I would be happy to help direct them if this is their destiny. If not, then it is unfair to other Noachs to spread divrey Torah which is too high for their souls and not meant for them on forums, chats and one on one. It isn’t appropriate to be pushing Noachs to keep Shabbos and Yom Tov with all the Jewish laws. I would really like to hear some backup on this from other leaders. I should not be alone on this. We all know it to be true and I feel like I am the only one not scared to say it outright. I love Bnei Noach and those trying to find Hashem. Stop putting stumbling blocks before them with material which is  like fire to their souls to melt them and only confuse them! Teach them and lead them in the way Hashem has commanded! 

I can’t take to the next level if it is a free for all out there. I’m not interested in destroying peoples souls. I want to build a better tomorrow for noachs. I want them to have a more fruitful existence with Hashem. I don’t want them to be alone anymore. I’m simply not going to be another leader to torch their souls on fire and at the same time bring destruction to the higher worlds as the Zohar explains from non-Jewish study of main stream Torah. There is plenty of material for a lifetime of study in and around the 7 laws.

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Introduction to us

This site is meant to be an information center and community for those that follow the 7 commandments of Noah. What are the 7 commandments? How do they apply to us and our everyday lives? Why are they so important and why should we follow them instead of an other religion such as xtianity?

There are many questions that need to be answered about this movement. Our aim is to make a basis for this movement, guidelines if you will and a community in order to unify it’s followers and cultivate it’s growth.

In today’s world, we need religion more then ever. Materialism is at an all time high and with it comes emptiness. It breads depression, loneliness and an eventual relization that there has to be more to life then the day to day rat race we lie in. Our purpose in existence has to have some meaning. How does a society that has everything deal with the unexplainable? AS much as our abilities to harness the earths energies in order to create and do magnificent things. Our technological advances allow us to do things that may have seemed godly 100’s of years ago. We can fly, communicate with people on the other side of the world and open a person up and give them someone else’s organ to save their life. But yet with all of this, we are still controlled by the weather and deadly illnesses. We are still reminded that as much as we think we’re in control, we’re not! Here then we’re faced with the dilemma, Who or What is in Charge? Is there an Omnipotent Being that created and runs our life? If yes, then how much does IT control? What is our purpose in creation and what is our relationship to Him?

These are heavy questions that have been asked since the creation of man and we have tired to answer them through religion. How should religion effect our lives? Which religion should we follow? It’s amazing how each question leads to more questions. We at ilovetorah sons of noach are going to try to answer your questions. WE want to paint a clearer picture of how to follow the mitzvos and why to follow them. We want to make them more tangible and apply them to our lives.

Why Do you Become Bnei Noah

It would be wonderful if people could share their stories with all of us as to why they became Bnei Noach. Also, what has kept them in this movement.

Step it Up

Sometimes it takes a voice from the outside to show those inside, what they might be missing. Over the years, I have met Bnei Noach who have changed history. They pushed Jews to practice more of their tradition. There excitement was contagious and they used this to inspire Jews. Maybe this is the hidden strength and the future for this movement.