Why Do you Become Bnei Noah

It would be wonderful if people could share their stories with all of us as to why they became Bnei Noach. Also, what has kept them in this movement.

Step it Up

Sometimes it takes a voice from the outside to show those inside, what they might be missing. Over the years, I have met Bnei Noach who have changed history. They pushed Jews to practice more of their tradition. There excitement was contagious and they used this to inspire Jews. Maybe this is the hidden strength and the future for this movement.

No Place to go

I believe most Bnei Noah’s feel there is no real place to go. They look towards the Jewish community but feel this really isn’t there place. The non-Jewish community, well, they realize all their thoughts and confusions. This leaves them towards searching on the web for answers. Searching for someone to guide them and make them feel a place, a  home and welcome.

The reason for this website is to give Bnei  Noah their own voice and home.

The Needs of Bnei Noah

What do you feel are the main needs of Bnei Noah today? What would you like to happen?