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Tovia Singer & Reb Moshe speak live about Bnei Noach and

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Introduction to us

This site is meant to be an information center and community for those that follow the 7 commandments of Noah. What are the 7 commandments? How do they apply to us and our everyday lives? Why are they so important and why should we follow them instead of an other religion such as xtianity?

There are many questions that need to be answered about this movement. Our aim is to make a basis for this movement, guidelines if you will and a community in order to unify it’s followers and cultivate it’s growth.

In today’s world, we need religion more then ever. Materialism is at an all time high and with it comes emptiness. It breads depression, loneliness and an eventual relization that there has to be more to life then the day to day rat race we lie in. Our purpose in existence has to have some meaning. How does a society that has everything deal with the unexplainable? AS much as our abilities to harness the earths energies in order to create and do magnificent things. Our technological advances allow us to do things that may have seemed godly 100’s of years ago. We can fly, communicate with people on the other side of the world and open a person up and give them someone else’s organ to save their life. But yet with all of this, we are still controlled by the weather and deadly illnesses. We are still reminded that as much as we think we’re in control, we’re not! Here then we’re faced with the dilemma, Who or What is in Charge? Is there an Omnipotent Being that created and runs our life? If yes, then how much does IT control? What is our purpose in creation and what is our relationship to Him?

These are heavy questions that have been asked since the creation of man and we have tired to answer them through religion. How should religion effect our lives? Which religion should we follow? It’s amazing how each question leads to more questions. We at ilovetorah sons of noach are going to try to answer your questions. WE want to paint a clearer picture of how to follow the mitzvos and why to follow them. We want to make them more tangible and apply them to our lives.