An Honest Post

I have been involved in teaching about the 7 laws of Noach for over 12 years. My father before me also spoke out to non-Jews about these laws. I’m disappionted that people are not speaking out more to their fellow Noachs against learning Torah which does not apply to them. Non_Jews are not supposed to learn Torah as a Jew does. If this is their true interest, then they should consider conversion to Judaism and keeping all 613 laws. I would be happy to help direct them if this is their destiny. If not, then it is unfair to other Noachs to spread divrey Torah which is too high for their souls and not meant for them on forums, chats and one on one. It isn’t appropriate to be pushing Noachs to keep Shabbos and Yom Tov with all the Jewish laws. I would really like to hear some backup on this from other leaders. I should not be alone on this. We all know it to be true and I feel like I am the only one not scared to say it outright. I love Bnei Noach and those trying to find Hashem. Stop putting stumbling blocks before them with material which is  like fire to their souls to melt them and only confuse them! Teach them and lead them in the way Hashem has commanded! 

I can’t take to the next level if it is a free for all out there. I’m not interested in destroying peoples souls. I want to build a better tomorrow for noachs. I want them to have a more fruitful existence with Hashem. I don’t want them to be alone anymore. I’m simply not going to be another leader to torch their souls on fire and at the same time bring destruction to the higher worlds as the Zohar explains from non-Jewish study of main stream Torah. There is plenty of material for a lifetime of study in and around the 7 laws.