Groups and groups

As much as we all want a unified Noahide structure in place. I foresee that it is still best there are many groups, though of course under proper direction. You see, when there are different structures, it allows for the seeking of more truthfulness. More searching and seeking Hashem. If Bnei Noah had it easy and all laid out before them, it wouldn’t be as meaningful as the benefits of the search itself. Sometimes, it is the yearning and wondering that truly quenches the thirst more then the goal itself.

I know that I don’t agree with everything I see with Noahide leadership and you know what, that is okay. It is part of human nature that there should be different parallel paths seeking the same reward. Let us just hope that the pure intentions should never lead anyone astray going against halacha, Jewish law because of pride and the like. I think those most happy in Bnei Noach are those who keep their practice rather simple then complicating it. 7 laws, 7 lights, 1 Hashem.