Your Not Jewish & that is okay.

The Rabbis teach us that if someone comes to us to convert, we don’t push them and encourage them.  They have to really show us they want it on their own. Unlike other religions, we look to promote Hashem’s Oneness but don’t seek out to make Jewish converts. Especially since we have the 7 laws of Noach to teach everyone, which is not only fulfilling but something quite wonderful.

As a teacher, my difficulty lies in breaking the bad news to people who claim their Jewishness by only their fathers side or rummers.  According to Jewish law, this just doesn’t hold any water and it breaks peoples hearts to hear this. Probably because for years of their life they felt Jewish and started to practice a little. When I inform them of being a Bnei Noach, they push it away immediately because they really don’t know anything about it. I sometimes also loose a friend.

My question to all of my holy Bnei Noach friends is, how do I mend such a broken heart? They have no interest in converting because it angers them now and many times hold onto this false claim for years. It turns into a hatetred and an unhealthy prospective of Torah fearing Jews.