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I have been involved in teaching about the 7 laws of Noach for over 12 years. My father before me also spoke out to non-Jews about these laws. I’m disappionted that people are not speaking out more to their fellow Noachs against learning Torah which does not apply to them. Non_Jews are not supposed to learn Torah as a Jew does. If this is their true interest, then they should consider conversion to Judaism and keeping all 613 laws. I would be happy to help direct them if this is their destiny. If not, then it is unfair to other Noachs to spread divrey Torah which is too high for their souls and not meant for them on forums, chats and one on one. It isn’t appropriate to be pushing Noachs to keep Shabbos and Yom Tov with all the Jewish laws. I would really like to hear some backup on this from other leaders. I should not be alone on this. We all know it to be true and I feel like I am the only one not scared to say it outright. I love Bnei Noach and those trying to find Hashem. Stop putting stumbling blocks before them with material which is  like fire to their souls to melt them and only confuse them! Teach them and lead them in the way Hashem has commanded! 

I can’t take to the next level if it is a free for all out there. I’m not interested in destroying peoples souls. I want to build a better tomorrow for noachs. I want them to have a more fruitful existence with Hashem. I don’t want them to be alone anymore. I’m simply not going to be another leader to torch their souls on fire and at the same time bring destruction to the higher worlds as the Zohar explains from non-Jewish study of main stream Torah. There is plenty of material for a lifetime of study in and around the 7 laws.

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  1. Michael

    Shalom Haver. First let me say that the web page I am responding to is impossible to read with the black letters on charcoal background and white captions on the light grey background. It is imperative that your site be easy to use for people to feel like participating!!
    I understand your dilema but I think that it is essential to cast a wide net in order to get Talmudim which you can then direct at all. In the Shir Ha Shirim a note is given regarding Chap1 vs 3,4 “Like the scent of goodly oils is the spreading fame of your great deeds; Your very name is Flowing oil, therefore have nations loved you”
    The notes in the Art Scroll Tanach Series commentary are very instructive. The flowing oil is a fragrance that is released (deeds of HaShem towards Israel) that inspire the nations to love Him and desire to be led by Him.Later on in the prophets the knowledge is given that no rain will fall on the lands of the nations unless they send representatves to Jersalem during and for the festival of Succos. For this to happen there must be at least a cursory knowledge of Judaism and the calendar and the reason for their participation, to even be able to practice these principles “from the heart”.
    In my experience HaShem is moving in the hearts of Gentiles from all over the world to raise up a desire to know and follow the God of Israel. The actual extent of their observance is only discernable after a season of teaching and observing the willingness to honor the Torah and its precepts. I have found that the Talmudim then seek their own level of observance based on their heart motivation and I then direct them accordingly-some to consider conversion ‘ others to be content within the Noachide context. I am concerned with an approach which puts fences around the Torah for these people before they even know what their heart is leading them to?! Shalom for now.

  2. moshes

    There should be a fence around the Torah, that is what protects it. It is one thing to use your example when it comes to bringing a Jew back to Torah observance. We can shine upon them a bit more light just to inspire them. This is not a problem. But when it comes to a gentle, we are forbidden to shine more then the 7 laws upon them. According to Kabbalah, this brings us further from Moshiach and destroys worlds. The Torah is simply too high for them. Should this push them away, no. The 7laws themselves shine enough light into them to satisfy every desire they have to come close to Hashem and purify their soul. Should they desire more, they should seek out conversion but knowing the seriousness of such a desiton. It is simply forbidden to learn what you want and teach whatever we want just to enlighten and make ourselves and others feel good. This is not the way.

  3. Jim

    As a non Jew i avoid nets Michael, if i feel a net is the objective of the individual teaching me i tend to run the first chance i get (things that get caught in nets usually get eaten ; ), but that’s just my reaction. For myself i prefer to keep it simple because it just feels normal to me. As Reb Moshe explained trying to keep all 613 laws is not inclusive of non-Jews. True some will opt to convert, and i really admire them. True others may say 7 laws seems like nothing but in reality at least for myself (non-Jew) they are more than enough to connect spiritually.

  4. moshes

    It is hard to say, I fear Hashem more then peer pressure, looking confident, smart & good in the eyes of our fellow. But leadership must put fear of Hashem first and those who are well educated must have enough respect for the Torah to not overstep boundaries set by the Talmud and Kabbalists not to study Torah outside the 7 laws & their paths. Chassidus is certainly out of the question. Chassidus is basicly a mix of Kabbalah and mussar. It was not written for non Jews. Why people are encouraging Bnei Noach to keep many Shabbos customs which traditionally were giving to Jews due to historical Jewish reasons, is beyond me. Certainly, Judaism is a roll model for Bnei Noach but it is not a take what you enjoy ice cream pallor. Rather, one should ttake whatt is needed and what Hashem wants from them.

  5. Jim

    Surely the reason many non-Jews convert to Judaism is a sincere desire/calling to do so. I guess fear and/or respect of not being able to adhere to those 613 laws plays a part in motivating me (the non-Jew) not to consider converting to Judaism. I understand the consequences of not adhering to just one of Hashem’s 7 commandments! Hashem gave us non-Jews the Jews to turn to for advise when observing the 7 laws, they represent Hashem and when they speak Hashem’s Truth and are kind enough to guide us (non-Jews) we should support them in every/any way we can so they can do their important Jobs! We non-Jews can get into a bad situation spiritually if we go beyond what Hashem expects of us. Take it from an old non-Jew who’s been down that road don’t do it! 7 is a great number!

  6. Ryan

    I am a non-Jew who is thinking of converting to Judaism. I really appreciate moshes telling it like it is. Thank you. I believe in respecting the serious commitment it takes to convert. I was horrified by a website of so called Jews-by-Choice who profess to be converts to Judaism without following all 613 laws. Unfortunate some people’s hearts are greedy and want to be perceived as righteous. They don’t care one bit about the damage to the Jewish community. I hope to convert one day, but I am just learning.

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