Believing in You, I Yes I

It could be that the most important job of a Reb is to show a person that you believe in them. In fact, this may be the greatest thing one can do for ones children or friends. Every person has a special talent and spark in which they can not only grow from but can actually change the world with.

Maybe there is nothing worse in the world then a talented person who is constricted not sharing of it to the world. Someone once came to me and said it is a sin that you don’t do photography anymore. They practically commanded me to repent for this. I laughed at them. It isn’t that a person has to utilize their talent in its most revealed sense, but that there could be a thousand ways to share it. For instance, I used my photographic talent and channeled into web design for my Torah sites and creating scenic Torah videos. Someone with a musical talent, perhaps never has to actually play their instrument. Musical people are spiritual people and they could instead use their personality to simply inspire others. I know many artists that later put down their paintbrush and changed it over into a kulmas (traditional turkey feathers) for writing sifrai Torahs. It could be that understanding the source of your talent is more important then the beauty of the talent itself and its outward rewards. Inside is a great person in both you and me. We are great because we are unique and different then the person next to us.

People think in orthodoxy that we crush the uniqueness of individuals. Well just because we are a little color blind with our black and white tones, doesn’t mean that our shades of gray lack personality. Just like you wish us to be deeper, we wish you too look deeper. I wish all of you too look at the person next to you, especially your children and see their gift. Like the freckles on my son Yaakovs cheeks, they each have a story to tell.

My holy friends, I believe in you. There are some of you whom have such holy talents that they are too high to share with the rest of the world. Some of you have visions, some holy dreams and other greatness. I believe in you in these area as well. Even if the world is dark for you right now, here is a little light…

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