Why Do you Become Bnei Noah

It would be wonderful if people could share their stories with all of us as to why they became Bnei Noach. Also, what has kept them in this movement.

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  1. The Peaceful Warrior

    I saw where the “old testament” side of the Christian bible didn’t match the claims of the “new testament” side.

    That led me to look for answers to the TaNaK from the Hebrew perspective and I’ve embraced Torah/Sheva mitzvot since. That’s three years going now…

    What I realized was that I returned to what I was and not that I became anything new. I grew up as something new and incorrect instead. Being observant of the shevah mitzvot is part of our purpose and Christianity was a movement.


  2. Pazyah

    I first began to question the validity of Sunday instead of Yom Shabbat, so I searched the web and found Samuel Bacchiochi’s “From Sabbath to Sunday”, which covered the history of the first four centuries CE.
    It revealed ghastly antisemitism. I was still a Xian at the time. I then came across another book which related the pagan festivals behind Xmas and Ishtar…Easter and knew that the Creator, and the Giver of the Torah would not slap any festivals of His on top of pagan ones. I was smelling a rat very strongly by this time, as well as almost becoming an expert on paganism.
    I discovered that Bacchus(Dyonisus) had many titles in common with the J man, and then I found Rabbi Tovia Singer’s website, “Outreach Judaism and listened to everything on there.
    I had possessed a Chumash for the previous seven years and had read it from cover to cover, along with all the commentaries. I also had a Tanach,so I could check out what was in the NIV beside the Tanach.
    I found the Niv to have been cut and pasted in at least fifty places.
    So, I found myself out of everything at the age of 75, and began to scour Jewish websites, where I discovered B’nai Noach.
    I live in Brighton UK and travel to London once per month to a Noachide meeting which is led by a Lubavitch Rabbi. I have only been a Noachide for the past six months.


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